Rainier Arms was started by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. We specialize in high end tactical rifles, pistols & shotguns, as well as parts, optics & accessories. “If we won’t use it, we won’t sell it.” Founded in 2005, Rainierarms.com has set the standard of excellence and offers thousands of unique products, and growing daily.


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RAOKC: the Premier Oklahoma City Gun Store

Rainier Arms OKC is an Oklahoma City gun store (FFL dealer OKC), the best of [...]

The Muzzle Brake: What is It For?

In the past 10-20 years, the muzzle brake has become immensely popular. But if shooters [...]

Oklahoma Concealed Carry (How to Get One & Why)

In 2019, Oklahoma became a “permitless carry”, also known as a “constitutional carry” state. That [...]

Why Choose XS Big Dot Sights: VSO Gun Channel Weighs In

The verdict on the XS big dot sights versus the 3-dots comes down to needing [...]

Finishing Fights: 2 Centuries of the Colt 1911 Pistol

The US War Department adopted the Colt 1911 as its pistol on March 29th of [...]


Ultimate Guide to AR-15 Barrel Profiles: Choose the Right One

AR15 barrel profiles and attributes vary. A Government barrel profile (aka a SOCOM barrel) performs [...]

The AR57 Could Be the Weirdest AR Variant You’ll Ever See

What happens when you cross an AR15 with a P90? You get one of the [...]

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