The SBA5 Brace from SB Tactical: it’s for stabilizing your large frame pistol

SBA5 Brace from SB Tactical

The SBA5 brace from SB Tactical is a “Pistol Stabilizing Brace” for large-frame pistols (aka AR pistols, etc.) Essentially, it’s an evolved 2024 version of previous options manufactured by that company. If you’re looking for a brace for your large-frame pistol (aka AR pistol, etc.), this could be a good option.

Just be sure to watch for brace-related legislation tomfoolery. Someone is always stirring up a stabilizing brace-related fuss, and it’s usually done in a ridiculous and uninformed way.

Looking at you, falsely outraged members of Congress!

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SBA5 Brace

The A5 stabilizing brace is designed for any platform designed to accept a mil-spec carbine receiver extension.

The SBA5 brace from SB Tactical mounted to a CMMG Banshee large-frame pistol.

It’s 5-position adjustable, and, as SB Tactical correctly points out, it “greatly enhances the usability of a firearm by adding an additional point of contact.”

You can use a stabilizing brace instead of the push-pull sling tension method when shooting!

Using a brace or stock on a large frame pistol, PDW, SMG, or SBR is far better for accuracy than the sling tension method of stabilizing a weapon.
This is the sling tension method of shooting demonstrated. Running your gun this way without stock or brace looks cool, especially if you’re a 1980s-era British SAS trooper, but it’s not ideal for accuracy. SeeSAS Sling Methodon The Mag Life.

The SBA5 brace has an integral, ambidextrous Quick-Detach (QD) socket so you can pop your sling on and off (or reposition it) quickly and easily. The adjustable arm cuff is the same size as the earlier SB15 stabilizing brace, so unless you’re substantially bigger than Jack Reacher actor big you should be good to go.

You can get it in any color you want as long as you want black or Flat Dark Earth (FDE).

The SBA5 stabilizing brace is available in black and Flat Dark Earth...and you can always rattle-can it!
The SBA5 stabilizing brace is available in black and Flat Dark Earth…and you can always rattle-can it!

The use and assembly of the A5 version are going to be very similar to its A3 and A4 predecessors. Take a look.

These videos are pretty self-explanatory; this isn’t rocket surgery, and you probably already know how to put a stock or brace on if you’re reading this anyway.

SB Tactical SBA5 stabilizing brace collapsed and highlighted for reference.

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